Foreclosure is something that can happen to anybody in any financial income bracket.
It does not discriminate nor is it forgiving.

It is not something that you should hide from in hopes that it will go away…it won’t.
Foreclosure can be avoided but you must act and act boldly. Time is not on your side.

Life changes are often a contributing factor to foreclosure – especially those that impact your finances, such as:

Loss of employment or reduction of hours
Major illness or injury
Divorce or separation
Death of a spouse
Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM)

Let’s face it, for most Americans their home is the most expensive purchase and most important investment they will ever make. Experiencing a financial hardship and facing foreclosure can make the “American Dream” seem more like a nightmare. You don’t have to feel like you are in the dark just because you are not a banker or a mortgage expert.

GNCDC can help by providing you with the education and counseling you need. Our counselors can help you explore your options, provide legitimate and appropriate resources for your personal situation, and negotiate with the mortgage lender.

GNCDC is committed to bringing the highest level of quality and service to the residents of our communities.