1-On-1 Foreclosure Intervention Counseling


If you don’t feel comfortable talking with your lender or service provider, you should immediately contact GNCDC to make an appointment with a foreclosure counselor. Speaking with a housing counselor is an important step in developing an action plan to help you resolve your housing crisis.

A confidential assessment with a GNCDC counselor will include:

Gathering information to determine the homeowner’s foreclosure situation

A review of your financial situation, analyzing income and expenses to determine which foreclosure prevention option best suits your family’s unique needs

Determining what options are available to you, and negotiating with your lender on your behalf to discuss an action plan

Work with you to protect and restore your credit

Give you information on services and programs that provide financial and legal assistance if needed

Help you create an action plan to ensure that you meet all your monthly expenses, including your mortgage payment.